Deborah started sculpting candles, self taught, in 1973 after seeing a candle in her aunt and uncles house. In 1976 she started doing craft shows while teaching Physical Education during the week.

Kenneth started making candles after dating the wrong woman!

He started his style in 1982 after being taught by Deborah, and has developed a new style. Each of his candles are unique, no two candles are the same, but similar.

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How are they made?
Candles are made with 140 melt point wax and the color is a pigment which does not bleed or change color.
There is a thin coat of a glaze on the outside which makes it nice to dust.
When the candle is burned, light glows down through the candle. A battery tea light fits in the top of the candle. We also make these candles with an oil insert instead of the wick.